California Community College Chancellor’s Office Foster Youth Success Initiative 5 Year Anniversary Statewide Training



Date:  October 8 & 9, 2012                          Attendance: 80+


This conference was held at the Sacramento Capitol and was the five year anniversary of the launch of the initiative and the first time Liaisons from all over the state reconvened for training since the launch. This training was a unique opportunity for community college FYSI Liaisons, both veterans and new, to share best practices and strategies to overcome challenges and to learn from success stories.


Client: California Community College Chancellor’s Office


Publication: Tools for Outreach & Support of Students from Foster Care





“Six years ago, when the CCCCO introduced you to us, we were

 immediately swept up by your energy and your enthusiasm for foster youth and for the work we had ahead of us. 

You and Tim together, empowered us to change the lives of many.

Not only has it positively impacted foster youth, but also those of us who have the privilege of serving them.”

Dean, Financial Aid & Special Programs