Early Childhood & Mental Health Conference: We Can’t Wait 2012


Dates:  September 28 & 29, 2012                             Attendance:  300+, waitlist

This was the third year this conference was held and the first time outreach efforts were expanded beyond San Diego and that TLFA coordinated the conference. Each day began with presentations by experts in the area of science in early childhood followed by local experts who provided examples of implementation throughout the county of San Diego. Participants were offered a menu of options for workshops that incorporated video demonstrations, ‘hands on’ activities, and interactive discussions.  Committee members worked closely to align the conference objectives with the Personnel Competencies for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health and the workshops. Overall there were three keynote speakers, two plenary speakers, and 27 workshops.


Publications:  ECMH Program Guide (click to download), Evaluation Summary Report


“Far exceeded my expectations. Did not like format last year and

was blown away by the changes made to improve this year. So Good.”

Early Childhood and Mental Health Conference Attendee