Prevention WORKS – A Southern Counties Convening

Date: January 26, 2011                   Attendance: 120+



The “Prevention WORKS – A Southern Counties Convening” was held on at the Del Mar Hilton in San Diego, California. Facilitation of the conference included: ongoing communication with presenters for PEI Convening, conference logistics, finalization of list of materials, and facilitation of the conference. The one day Prevention WORKS Convening not only brought together PEI partners from the Southern California Counties, but extended to Central and Northern California MHSA PEI partners, along with representatives from the California Department of Mental Health and California Institute of Mental Health.

The goals of this conference were to: provide an opportunity for Southern Counties’ PEI stakeholders to come together, share challenges and successes, transfer learning opportunities, and increase awareness of prevention in mental health. With these goals in mind, the day was organized to include presentations from county mental health leaders, data collection and evaluation experts, and representatives implementing a wide array of PEI programs whose emphasis ranged from stigma reduction to serving children and older adults.


Publication: Prevention WORKS – Successful Strategies, Stigma Reduction, Challenges, and Solution